PC Problems at just the Wrong Time? With IVDesk, those Bottlenecks go Away!

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You’re working along as normal, maybe a little bit slower than usual, and then it stops. Something just freezes the screen and the keyboard locks up. No banging on the keyboard helps so you try and restart it. Should be fine, but then, it comes up with a black screen and that PCs end of life just happened.

It happens to everyone at some point. First thoughts are frustration and fear around if everything’s backed up. When did you do the last backup or if you’re using a constant service, was it running? Now what? Replacing may take literally days to get every piece of software installed and configured right. Talk about lost productivity!

With IVDesk, this is different. The PC can still die, no one can stop that, but it’s just a device that connects to your virtual desktop environment. All your applications, data, everything, is on your virtual desktop. All you need to do is grab another device and login! Everything is exactly as it was before with no lost productivity.

Many of our customers keep a few spare Thin Clients or laptops around just for this situation. They grab the new device and get right back to work. No downtime, no risks of exposure.

It’s time to get out of the break-fix world of IT services and get focused on your company’s productivity. Give us a look: it’s time to get off the hamster wheel!

Bill Sorenson
CTO / Founder

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