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It’s no secret the world is changing, and the world of those providing IT services changes faster every day. Between the constant introduction of new technologies and a persistent influx of new competitors, even the most seasoned service providers are being challenged to identify what’s next – and what’s best. You’re facing what might be the most significant transition in market demand yet; a complete shift in customer thinking from anti-cloud to get-me-to-the-cloud. IVDesk has your answer.



As leaders in private cloud solutions for financial business customers, IVDesk has developed a reliable, scalable and affordable system that will delight even your most demanding clients. We outdo semi-customized or hybrid systems.



Most cloud-based services hide behind terms like “hybrid solutions” – meaning more complexity and a large margin of error. The best strategy for maximizing service and value for both parties is to put all IT operations in a private cloud.



We’ve proven that delivering all of a customer’s IT from a centralized data center with standardized enterprise-class system and highly redundant architecture is far more cost effective, cybersecure, efficient, and reliable.



Experience has also taught us that clients need an experienced IT service provider to ensure any system meets their unique needs, provide them with personalized help desk support and apprise them of new opportunities.

Our Invitation To You

If you’re serious about expanding your services, retaining your customers, enhancing your relationships and growing your business, IVDesk is interested in establishing a strategic partnership that virtually guarantees you’ll reach your goals. It’s the way the world is going – and the way smart service providers are going to succeed.

Tech + Systems

Enterprise-Level Technology For Financial Businesses

IVDesk has created a world-class solution by building a technology base that maximizes efficiency and operational excellence. We’ve taken the best the industry can offer to dramatically improve redundancy and uptime and created a solution that allows that level of security and performance to be provided to the marketplace.

We do RIA’s and CPA’s better than anyone. We’ve seen everything. We utilize this common underlying base to provide consistency and performance while creating a unique environment. This allows our on-boarding process to be the smoothest in the industry and provides dramatic comfort and consistency for users.


Fortune 500 Accessibility, Security And Reliability


Start offering state-of-the-art private cloud solutions now rather than later.


Shift your focus from putting out fires to providing professional guidance.


Leverage turn-key technology and systems to maximize your productivity.


Generate enough cash flow to guarantee long-term service to your customers.

Partnering with IVDesk means the level of your services are no longer limited by customer expense tolerance. You can now offer every customer: Comprehensive systems, software, applications and data; A solution that easily scales across multiple customer locations; Integrated security in our US-based Tier 3 Data Center

Is Partnership Right For You?

We’re Interested In Partnering With IT Service Providers Who:

  • Have demonstrable experience and success in their respective markets and categories
  • Are intent on growing their companies and capturing greater market share
  • Focus on providing comprehensive services that advance relationships and retain customers
  • Understand the difference between full-cloud solutions and partial or hybrid programs
  • Recognize the financial and operational burdens that creating and refining their own cloud offering would impose on their organization
  • Insist on partnerships that generate the cash flow required to grow and remain long-term players in the Cloud Services market.

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