One Firm’s Transition to the Cloud

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A decision to move legacy IT to the Cloud often brings about uncertainty, choosing the right cloud partner can make the difference between a successful transition and a costly, worrisome, time-consuming debacle. The process is comprised of many interconnected details and is best handled by cloud engineers. Their job is to ensure that when you log on to the cloud Monday morning that your desktop looks and feels just as you left it Friday afternoon. The cloud providers not only setup every staff members’ desktop, they setup your network drives, update software, connect your printers, and configure every application to work just as it did on your local network and computer before the transition.

For John Pavlovsky, Jr., CPA, who practices off the shore of the Delaware River in Bordentown, New Jersey, he realized that his current IT platform would not transform his practice thus limiting his practice’s growth. In fact, his current IT platform could not even sustain a modest growth pattern. John looked at alternative services that could fill his immediate needs, but few would be able to help him achieve his long-term goals. John’s primary concern was selecting an IT platform that is capable of growing and scaling as his practice grows, he would certainly have to look for a new solution within two years. John chose IVDesk because the platform met his primary requirement for growth without compromising security and mobility. “I believe we have made the right choice,” John said about his decision to move his network to IVDesk.

John prepared for the worst as the transition to the cloud began shortly after tax season. He had been told many horror stories from clients and friends who transitioned to the cloud and had nothing but trouble. To his surprise, the transition performed by IVDesk went pleasantly smooth. No downtime. No major glitches. “I was very pleased with the transition,” John remarked months later, “It is hard to imagine how we did it in the past.”

John regularly recommends the IVDesk platform, telling people that the move to the cloud was seamless, affordable and most importantly increased the level of security to his clients and their confidential data. Instead, he says that people should look at what it will cost to get where you want to be on your own versus working smarter on the IVDesk platform with less security risk for my clients’ personally identifiable information.

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