Established and led by some of the best minds in the business, IVDesk helps small and midsize companies maximize productivity and minimize expense by moving all of their IT to their own “private cloud.” This process and practice not only allows us to provide every client organization with absolutely secure and reliable service, but allows each individual user to access all of their current programs, applications and data through their personalized desktop anytime, anywhere from any digital device.

The world of IT has evolved dramatically over the past 50 years, and each new era has been dominated by innovative technology from inventive companies that advanced industry standards and their own market leadership. Think about IBM, Cisco, Dell and Salesforce. The last of these was one of the first in cloud computing and now IVDesk is introducing the next iteration of private cloud solutions.

By focusing exclusively on private cloud solutions for SMB organizations (10-150 users per location), IVDesk is not only addressing the specific needs of a drastically underserved market, but the critical objectives of their local IT service providers, as well.

Few of us can predict the future of IT with complete certainty – but we can certainly see IVDesk being there. In fact, the long view is the only perspective we’ve ever employed. It’s how we’ve anticipated every new trend in cloud technology. It’s why every IVDesk employee is also a company shareholder. It’s another reason IVDesk’s annual revenue growth rate for the second half of 2013 was 60%.

Shareholders may consult the Reports section of this site or contact Marty Dehen for an update on the current status of the company.

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