Becoming Cyber Security and the 2017 Tax Season – Prepared?

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As we approach the 4th quarter of 2016, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming 2017 tax season. I’m sure you’re thinking about all the tax law changes, staffing challenges, additional clients that you’re looking for, and… security? It’s time to address your clients security now, before the filing season begins.

There currently isn’t a model for the CPA/Accounting industry, but there’s a great security model to work from. It’s the SEC OCIE’s Guidelines and you can get the information immediately to see what’s coming. Take a look at their Cybersecurity Examination Initiative starting on page 4.

Use this as a realistic guideline for what’s coming from the IRS or others. There’s a great item by item listing for you to work through now. Do this not for just some future regulation or audit but because you’re exposed NOW! And you are. The financial services industry has been involved with this type of regulation for a significant time and as a firm with client data and tax information, you have as much exposure as they do.

Time to step up and make sure your firm is as secure as possible. Go through the guidelines with your IT staff and have them complete the mock audit. Do it now so you can understand and correct your gaps before the season starts. Get ahead of the curve now.

Just as a note, IVDesk’s customers have confidence around these guidelines and other audit requirements from different agencies. We sit with you and complete these as a strategic business partner. You can get secure now by moving to IVDesk and reap the many other benefits as well.

Bill Sorenson
CTO – IVDesk

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